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Название: Encyclopedia of Diasporas
Автор: Melvin Ember, Carol R. Ember, Ian Skoggard
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2004
Формат: Djvu
Страниц: 622
Размер: 10,4 МБ
Язык: Английский

Immigration is a topic that is as important among anthropologists as it is the general public. Almost every culture has experienced adaptation and assimilation when immigrating to a new country and culture; usually leaving for what is perceived as a "better life". Not only does this diaspora change the country of adoption, but also the country of origin. Many large nations in the world have absorbed, and continue to absorb, large numbers of immigrants.

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Название: The Rugged Life: The Modern Guide to Self-Reliance
Автор: Clint Emerson
Издательство: Rodale Books
Год: 2022
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 52 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Clint Emerson is the go-to expert for surviving the first minutes, hours, and days of a crisis. Now, in The Rugged Life, he works with modern homesteading experts to show you how to thrive over the long-term—for months, years, or even a lifetime—by being prepared and self-sufficient. You can live the Rugged Life completely off-the-grid by farming your own food and using the waste from your toilet for compost. Or, you can live it by adding solar panels to your suburban home and keeping chickens and bees in your backyard. You can even live the Rugged Life in a city by simply gathering the salad for tonight’s dinner from your windowsill garden. Each of these homesteading and prepper long-term survival skills stand on their own, and taken together, they can help you design the independent life you want for yourself and your family.
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Название: The Energies of Crop Circles: The Science and Power of a Mysterious Intelligence
Автор: Lucy Pringle, James Lyons
Издательство: Destiny Books
Год: 2019
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 39 Мб
Язык: английский / English

In 1990 while studying the energetics of a crop circle, Lucy Pringle experienced a miraculous healing of a severe shoulder injury. Inspired, she expanded her research to investigate the physical, psychological, and energetic effects of these mysterious formations on people as well as on animals. In this book, alongside her stunning full-color aerial photographs of crop circles, Pringle shares the results of her research, including anecdotes from an 800-person questionnaire study, in combination with detailed scientific explanations by aerospace engineer and fellow crop circle researcher James Lyons.
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Название: In & Out of Paris: Gardens of Secret Delights
Автор: Zahid Sardar
Издательство: Gibbs Smith
Год: 2014
Формат: PDF
Размер: 25 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Among the more than 30 great and small projects within In & Out of Paris are Vaux-le-Vicomte, Versailles, and Courances―all classic André Le Nôtre–style French gardens. Also discover the Paris gardens of celebrated artist Jean-Michel Othoniel and art aficionado Pierre Bergé, architect Kenzō Takada’s Japanese retreat in the Bastille, Australian couturier Martin Grant’s tiny terrace in the Marais, Mexican painter MariCarmen Hernandez’s Montmartre rooftop, and American architect Michael Herrman’s homage to Le Corbusier’s surreal Champs Élysées garden for bon vivant Charles de Beistegui. Modern masters Louis Benech, Gilles Clement, Pascal Cribier, Christian Fournet, Camille Muller, Hugues Peuvergne, and Pierre-Alexandre Risser are also featured, representing a new era of experiments, color, and asymmetry in the Paris garden.
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Название: Paris in Bloom
Автор: Lane Georgianna
Издательство: Abrams
Год: 2017
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 81 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Paris—City of Love, City of Light, City of Flowers. From elegant floral boutiques to lively flower markets to glorious blooming trees and expansive public gardens, flowers are the essential ingredient to the lush sensory bouquet that is Parisian life. With beautiful photography, Paris in Bloom transports readers on a stunning floral tour of the city, and provides recommendations to the best flower markets and a detailed guide to spring blooms. Timeless in content, Paris in Bloom is a book for Paris lovers to savor again and again, one to keep on the nightstand to conjure fond memories of their first visit and inspire dreams of the next.
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Название: Star Wars Battles That Changed the Galaxy
Автор: Cole Horton, Jason Fry, Amy Ratcliffe
Издательство: DK
Год: 2021
Формат: PDF
Размер: 73 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Explore the “Wars” in Star Wars as never before! Enter a galaxy ravaged by conflict and discover the complete story of the epic struggles that define the Star Wars movies. This ambitious book presents major galactic conflicts from an in-world “historical” perspective: each battle is depicted with captivating imagery, explored with newly commissioned maps, and explained through a detailed analysis of tactics, famous commanders, legendary warriors, key moments, and its impact on wider galactic history. This is the perfect book for any Star Wars fan, budding military historian, or would-be rebel hero!
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Название: Batman The Ultimate Guide, New Edition
Автор: Matthew K. Manning
Издательство: DK
Год: 2022
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 361 Мб
Язык: английский / English

DC’s Dark Knight first emerged from the shadows in the pages of Detective Comics in 1939, when young Bruce Waye vowed to avenge his parents’ murder and fight for justice in crime-ridden, corrupt Gotham City. Packed with information on the Dark Knight, including how he was created and evolved over the decades, this in-world celebration of DC’s most popular Super Hero explores his motives and drives, his incredible array of weapons and vehicles, his “family” of allies, and his formidable rogues gallery, including The Joker, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Penguin, Bane, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, and many more.
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Название: Great Loves (DK Great)
Автор: DK
Издательство: DK
Год: 2022
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 75 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Celebrate the greatest love stories that have molded the course of history! Romance in its many shapes and forms is celebrated around the world. It is a constant act of affection shown irrespective of age, race, gender or background, and is one way in which we show our humanity. Mark Antony's love for Cleopatra led to war between Rome and Egypt, Emperor Xuanzang of Tang relinquished the Mandate of Heaven for Yang Guifei, and the English Reformation was borne out of Henry VIII's passion for Anne Boleyn. These great loves and many others have been celebrated, recorded and forever memorialized to chronicle the wars, peace treaties and politics of our modern world.
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Название: What's Where in the World
Автор: DK
Издательство: DK
Год: 2013
Формат: PDF
Размер: 124 Мб
Язык: английский / English

'Where on Earth?' is a unique visual encyclopedia of what's where in this world of ours. It features 75 full-colour maps showing you things such as the world's tallest buildings, longest rivers, most dangerous earthquake spots and even where you can find animals that glow!
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Название: The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson
Автор: William Walker Atkinson
Издательство: e-artnow
Год: 2016
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 10 Мб
Язык: английский / English

This carefully crafted ebook: "The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson (Unabridged)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
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